What the FAQ?

Because safety and understanding are important!


How safe are Fliteboards?

Extremely! Check out the video below to see just some of the technology designed around your safety. Fliteboarding is an incredibly intuitive, safe and fun sport.

Do I have to go 45kmph to eFoil?

No. In fact, eFoiling is entirely possible and much more fun at slower speeds. Generally, eFoiling occurs at around 15-20 km/h. Our instructor is with you every step of the way and you can find your own comfortable speed.

What if I am not a confident swimmer?

Our instructor is with you every step of the way. Life jackets, very warm and buoyant wet suits, and booties will be provided. Fliteboards are also very buoyant and are easily used as a flotation device when stationary.


Do I have to bring anything along for the Flite?

No. Everything is provided. Only a towel, some sunblock, and a sense of adventure is needed!

Will I Get Cold?

No. The wetsuits are glued, stitched and taped and are 4/3mm thick. The booties will keep your feet warm and riders generally only spend 15 percent of the time in the water when learning. The rest of the time you will be flying above the water!

Can I Take Photos or Videos?

No. You cannot bring any devices with you when learning to Flite Board. It is very important that your focus is on the learning and the actual experience of foiling. GoPro footage from the instructor can be arranged separately. Please let us know if you are interested in having your experience recorded via GoPro.

What if the weather is terrible?

At the instructors discretion, a reschedule of your session time will be offered due to bad weather. A member of our customer service team will be in touch to arrange a more suitable day and time.

Will I foil on my first lesson?

95% of all riders who learn with Coastal Efoil can foil on their first experience.

How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Foil?

Generally, riders are normally foiling within the first 10-15 minutes.

At What Speed Can I Start Foiling?

You only need to be planing (board on the water) at a speed of between 15-20 kph to start foiling.

First Aid Level 2

Our instructor is trained and qualified in First Aid at the highest level (2). In the unlikely event of an accident our staff are fully trained for your safety.

Full Safety Briefing

A comprehensive 15 minute safety briefing will be conducted before EVERY flite session to ensure the safety of all riders.

Speed Limit Functionality

Our boards are capable of being “speed” limited. If the instructor deems it necessary, speed limits will be placed on the boards for inexperienced riders.

More questions?

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